How is Mathematics Applied in Various Fields?

The two most important subjects that are applied in various fields are Science and Mathematics. Science helps us to understand the law of nature and Mathematics helps us to establish the relationship between different quantities. These two subjects are applied in almost all disciplines such as Engineering, Construction, Designing, Scientific Research, Satellite Navigation, and so on. These disciplines tend to have a lot of Mathematical approaches and Scientific Researches. Mathematics is the foundation of all the fields. We can say that Mathematics is a tool to compute the complex algorithms, estimate the behaviour of devices, analyse the circuits, and so on.

Mathematics has massive importance in all fields of engineering. One of the most essential and crucial areas of electrical and electronic management is the power system protection. This system requires a tremendous amount of mathematical knowledge, especially in differential equations, complex algebra, boolean algebra, Fourier and Laplace transformations. Designing of any electrical appliances or instruments requires Mathematical sound knowledge.

Mathematics is not much needed in the area of software development and networking. But standard arithmetic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division is almost used in every program written. A branch of Mathematics called “Algebra” is used to solve simple problems that many computer programmers will confront.

In construction, Mathematics is a core component, and civil engineers use nearly every form of Math in their work. They use some Mathematical concepts such as Trigonometry, Geometry, Measurements for building the houses, for mixing compounds, and so on. Trigonometry decides the angle of the building orientation, and Geometry helps to define the spatial form of the building. We know that trigonometry does not deal with acute angles and obtuse angle triangles. It deals only with the right angle triangle, so the angle measurement to construct the houses or roof will be accurate.

In designing, to develop or repair any equipment or machine, it requires Math with both analytical and problem-solving skills. Mechanics use Mathematics in the form of numbers. So, it is necessary to learn Mathematics as it plays a vital role in all the disciplines.