Craft Beer Is Beer Done Right

If you are somewhat new to the world of beer and don’t know where to start, it can be easy to feel lost. After all, what is the difference between those major brand names and the ones you may not have heard of before?

Well, there is a difference in brewing style, for one. The most commonly available beers are known as domestic beers. These are your major brand names. There are then craft options that aren’t as mass produced and put a focus on quality and taste.

A Better Quality

For those who are not worried about getting the least expensive beer possible, craft beer is typically the preferred choice and for good reason. You will no doubt hear domestic beer called “beer water” at some point or another.

That is because domestic beer is generally watered down. It is what helps the brewers turn out so much product on a yearly basis. Craft beer, meanwhile, puts a focus on better quality and ingredients. Yes, beer has the same general ingredients – hops, grains, water, yeast – but local breweries tend to get a better quality of those ingredients. That makes a better overall beer.

More Alcohol

What you may not have realised is that most craft beer also has much more alcohol in it than domestic beer. This is where that “beer water” term comes into play again. Domestic beer is watered down so that it can be mass produced, which means it takes more than a few to start to feel the impact.

But with craft beer, the alcohol by volume is typically a minimum of 5% to 10%. Some can get as high as 20%. The point is that you will not get the same low levels that domestic beer offers, which means fewer craft beers to get the desired effect.

Health Benefits

Yes, that’s right, there are health benefits to drinking craft beer versus domestic. They have protein, antioxidants, and even vitamin B complex. There are even studies that show that hops can act as a barrier against the eventual decline of cognitive functions in the brain.

With moderate drinking of craft beer, there are benefits that come from the high-quality ingredients within. That favourite craft choice of yours does more than provide a better flavour and alcohol content level. It’s actually kind of good for you, too.