The Ultimate Guide to Air Conditioning Preventive Maintenance

Air conditioning is one of the appliances we have when the heat is present in our home or office. Because it is related to the oxygen we breathe, proper air conditioning maintenance is essential if we use one, two, or more devices.

In this article, we want to explain how to carry out correct air conditioning preventive maintenance, highlighting the different factors you will have to consider when taking care of your appliance. If you are ready, let’s get started!

How often will you need to maintain it?

The time factor is one of the most important when talking about air conditioning preventive maintenance. If you only use this appliance in seasons such as summer, you should follow the following steps before switching it on.

Air conditioning maintenance must be done internally and externally

Although your air conditioner may visually look perfect, the inside of it may have been affected by external agents that are sometimes not visible to the human eye. Therefore, below we share the steps you will have to follow to maintain the interior and exterior unit of your device in good condition.

Care of the outdoor unit

The outdoor unit can suffer from refrigerant gas leaks, which are characterized by being very polluting for the environment, so the first step to making correct air conditioning maintenance is to check this unit and make sure there are no leaks.

The supports of your air conditioner can also deteriorate over time. Also, each of its parts can rust over time, which is why we recommend checking its condition.

Remove any obstructions to the passage of air

Using a large brush, you can clean the dust that accumulates on the air conditioning grilles, generating allergies or other diseases if not removed periodically.

Indoor unit care

Just as with water filters, the air conditioning filter must be cleaned frequently. Remove it, clean it, and avoid that the impurities accumulated in it prevent the correct operation of your equipment. If you notice that the filter has deteriorated during the check-up, Twenergy recommends that you replace it with a new one.

You should also clean the space under the filters. To do this, spray plenty of water and a couple of drops of bleach (be careful not to wet the container on the electronic board!). The water will fall into the condensate tray and, once this has been done, it is best to activate the ventilation mode of your appliance.

The tube and the tray that collects the water should also be cleaned when preparing to carry out air conditioning maintenance. If you think it is necessary, apply bactericides to complement the cleaning.

Finally, check and supervise the operation of the control thermostats.

In addition to frequent cleaning and air conditioning preventive maintenance, it is necessary to apply some techniques to extend your appliance’s life. One of them is to limit the air conditioning temperature; this will prevent possible respiratory diseases and, of course, control its consumption.

With all these checks and replacement or repair of the damaged parts, your air conditioner will be ready to give you the best quality of air. However, you must make responsible use of this and the rest of the appliances that you have; only this way, you will collaborate with energy efficiency and with your pocket.