Portable Lighting Equipment 101

Whether you are pursuing photography as a hobby or a professional, recognizing light is a necessary element of the outcome of pictures is vital. Getting additional light is easy, even if it comes from a window, a lamp from your living room, or a  portable photography lighting. In some instances, persons will need to purchase portable photography lighting as it is convenient and can control the lighting in the location.

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Choosing Portable Lighting Equipment

The process of selecting photography and lighting equipment can be challenging to determine which product may be best to utilize and potentially buy for your business. To gain clarity, determine what are your main needs are, and the purpose of using artificial lighting?

Continuous Lighting Kits

Continuous lighting is essentially helpful in product and still life photography and video. One large benefit of this kind of lighting is photographers can envision how your light will look in their picture before they even begin shooting, therefore making it simpler to modify the lighting fast. The kind of lighting is excellent for beginners as it allows them to manipulate the light manually and is very affordable and practical in comparison to different models of lighting systems.

Types Of Continuous Lighting

There are three main kinds of continuous lighting bulbs which include fluorescent, tungsten & LED. All of these types produce excellent outcomes, so selecting which to purchase is largely attributed to personal preference.

Fluorescent is usually easier to obtain in studio lighting and does not overheat, making it the go-to type for most studio photographers use. LED is a safer alternative as opposed to tungsten as they do not overheat as much. Notwithstanding which color balanced bulbs you use, always remember to set the camera’s white balance to Auto or exactly according to the kind of bulb you’re utilizing to produce accurate colors.

Furthermore, photographers can take continuous lighting systems further by buying an adaptable power kit as they give photographers, even more, control over the volume of light source radiates in the environment. This will enables individually to manually manipulate the light even further than just a one bulb continuous lighting kit. Utilize these kits to avoid having to switch out bulbs to accommodate the amount of light they want.

Speed Lights

Speedlight’s are external flash units intended to be used simultaneously with umbrellas and soft boxes to disperse light. They are quicker than normal flashes and can be extremely versatile. It is most beneficial to use Speedlight’s for stills, product shots, or action shots at weddings and sporting events. Speedlight’s are remarkably lightweight and portable, making them exceptional options for establishing quick but effective on-the-go studios.

First, they will need to purchase a few Speedlight flashes. Then, add an accessory kit with an umbrella, reflectors, or stands to complete the setup. For persons searching for a complete package deal, these two choices can be even more useful, as they come with all the elements needed to successfully set up a versatile Speedlight studio.

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