How to get Free Instagram likes in (2020)

Are you a socialite on Instagram who is yearning to buy Instagram likes fast and skyrocket his sites like never seen before? Or are you planning to open an Instagram account to promote your products and get multiple visibilities and your brand to go viral within days or weeks? The majority of people especially celebrities are at the forefront of the Instagram pages to display their musical brand, fashion clothes, their living life, and what is happening in their relationships daily.

Yes, you are free to post anything you so wish on your page. But imagine a noble person come across your page and all he or she sees is your relationship life and how good you are eating. Tell me, will they stick or like your post? Some will but the majority will term that site futile for what it’s all about.  Meaning, what you post has a great influence to make people follow and like your post or toss your posts in a dustbin.

As the Instagram platform is becoming wide and used by the majority of people globally, the US being the top country with a huge population of users on Instagram. It has been said that, as the year progresses, the number of Instagram users might double the current number. That’s said; a lot of people on Instagram are yearning and craving to have more likes and followers on their pages.

Is not brain surgery or rocket science to have millions of likes on your Instagram page? This is a daunting task that needs clear examination to increase the number of likes your post or page will be having since likes are the premium elements in a page. However, if you are looking for how to get more likes on your Instagram page, then you are lucky to have this post. In this article, we’ve documented some of the ways that you can implement to get more likes on Instagram. If you are a novice or an expert whose sites never reached thousands of likes, worry not.

Below are the top three ways on how to get real Instagram likes for cheap;

  1. Know your audience
  2. Tag people and relevant brands
  3. Post consistently

Know your Audience

This is the essential part to attract more likes on your page than ever before. Knowing your readers, followers, or audience is one step to gathering as many likes as possible. You have to research the content that you post and the readers or followers who are up in arms with any content that you post.

When you identify what your audience is, then post things that the majority like and will increase the number of likes on your site.

Tag People and Relevant Brands

Tagging people sounds awkward. But this is the best thing you can do to attract potential likes from those reputable brands. For example, if your content is in tune with what a certain brand is selling, you can tag them on your post.

They might follow you back and like your content too. And incase other related brands witness this, they might like your page in multitude.

Post Consistently

When you are familiar that your audience is following you, you have to schedule your posting time, day, and hour and week durations. This will make your audience get used to your posting schedule and will be visiting your site on a certain day, and hour to like your pictures.

Above all, you’ll look professional in what you are doing.


Attracting and getting several likes is a challenging task that needs strategic plans to execute such as posting consistently, tagging relevant people and brands, plus knowing what your audience wants.