Guides on Pet Paintings for Beginners

If you own pets, you probably have tried to paint your pet at some point. This is a common thing done by pet owners. If you want to paint your pet excellently, there are various strategies you need to consider. The following is a discussion concerning them.

Prepare Before Your Paint

When painting your pet, it is very critical to do a little preparation. During your preparations, begin with getting the best image of your pet that you love. It is much easier to paint your pet from a photo rather than just looking at your pet and reproducing what you see.

Get the Right Painting Supplies

A lot of the beginner painters out there use acrylics. This is because they are easy to use, quick to dry as hassle-free. It is advisable to ensure you have the right palette and multiple colors. Afterward, the right thing you need to do is get your surface and buy an art canvas or another material type. As you get more advanced, the chances are high that you may want to add a black marker, soft art pencils, and other critical tools to your painting kit.

Decide on the Background

This is a crucial factor you cannot overlook. For instance, find out if you want to paint your pet running across a field chasing a ball, or you want a close-up facial portrait of your pet to help you recall how your pet looked like. For the sake of deciding the best one for you, it is wise to consider painting multiple design types. You might like one design more than the others. When you use acrylic paints, you will realize that painting the background happens to be easy. This is because they dry quickly, and you can begin painting over the top immediately. When you choose to paint with watercolors, it might take weeks to dry.

The color of the background is another factor you need to consider. In case you are panting a black lab, there is no need to get a black-colored background. The best background you choose requires contrasting or complement the subject.

Outline Using Carbon Copy Paper

It can be quite challenging to paint your pets. In case you are a new painter, it is advisable not to be surprised if your painting looks like something a first grader might draw. This is okay, and you need to understand that you will get better. To improve your pet paintings, you should consider tracing an image of your pet using carbon paper. Consider tracing the outline, line, and shadows of your pet. Afterward, consider transferring it to your canvas by placing the carbon paper face down and rubbing it over the top.

In case you do not have carbon paper, it is recommendable to make plenty of sketches. You should sketch the broader outlines of your pet on paper until you are satisfied with the outcomes. Once you are done with this, it is advisable to make the same sketch on your canvas. After you are done with all this, it is advisable to know that pet portraits are special memories. Thus, you should keep it safe.