Comparison Between Vinyl Planks, Laminate Flooring, Ceramic Tiles, and Hardwood Flooring for Best Choice

Flooring changes the complete look of the house. Even if you don’t change the wall colour or the furniture, simply changing flooring can do the work. Earlier, the flooring was considered expensive, but with the launch of a variety of planks, things have changed for people who work within a budget.

Luxury vinyl planks, laminated flooring, are affordable, durable, and easy to maintain. Mostly, four types of flooring are often used. Vinyl planks, laminated flooring, ceramic tiles, and hardwood flooring, all have their specialty and benefits.

Hardwood flooring may be slightly expensive but it is durable and gives natural look. On the other hand, vinyl flooring is cheap and the best, durable, and gives aesthetic value to the house. Laminated flooring is being used since 1977 and no doubt it is the best durable material we talk about. Ceramic tiles are heavy but look fashionable in the kitchen and bathrooms.

We have a list to compare between vinyl vs laminate vs ceramic tiles vs hardwood flooring. Often people get confused about the durability and strength of a product.

The description mentioned below can help many people in their buying decision.


·        Vinyl Material

It is the most inexpensive material that is on the market for the last 60 years. They are available in hardwood, stone, and decorative pattern, which fulfills the desire of having a hardwood floor or ceramic tiles on a limited budget. It is made of PVC and other materials to provide a strong and durable surface with multiple layers. It is easy to maintain with mild detergent and warm water and a mop.

·        Laminate flooring

Laminate is also a mixture of materials like vinyl. Real wood is combined with other materials to provide a durable and strong surface with multiple layers. Its strength protects your floor from heavy traffic and spills.

·        Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are fashioned clay that is painted and glazed before it is placed in the kiln to be burned to give hardness. It is cheaper than porcelain, but has a higher absorption rate and is not as dense as porcelain so it can chip or crack easily. The ceramic tiles are available in beautiful colours and it is the best option in budget-friendly flooring.

·        Hardwood Flooring

They are handcraft floors that take too much time and effort during installation. However, once they’re installed, they look gorgeous even for 800 years. They are in the market since the Victorian era. It is first hand-scraped, rubbed in the sand, stained and polished, and then installed. Today manufacturers use repurposed lighter wood and weight, but it is the most expensive flooring material.

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Is laminate flooring good or vinyl is the best option? If you’re stuck with doubts, read the above article again. Visit few stores and grab some information. Remember different store person will give different information, which can be compared and made the right choice.