A List of Exceptional Beauty Products That Only Use Natural Ingredients

The beauty industry is one of the biggest at the moment, with most people spending money on products that enhance their appearance, and the focus today is on beauty products that use only natural ingredients. If you are concerned about what goes into the health and beauty products that you use on a daily basis, here is a list of very popular products that only contain natural ingredients.

  • Acne Care Creams – If you have oily skin, this could cause acne, which is a condition that can affect anyone, not only teenagers, although hormonal changes are known to be connected to acne issues. Aloe Vera is a great natural substance that cleans and nourishes the skin, as is wasabi extract and forms of green and white tea.

  • Sunscreen Sprays and Creams – We all need to protect our skin against the harmful rays of the sun, especially in hot countries like Thailand, and with products that are high in Vitamins C and E, and with varying factors, you can choose the one that best matches your complexion.

  • Serum Products – There are many serum products on the market today, with natural ingredients like witch hazel, rose and cucumber extract, which cleanse and nourish the skin, while helping to keep the skin tight and smooth.

  • Skin Whitening Products – Very popular with Asian markets, skin whitening creams not only block out the sun’s harmful effects, they also reduce the amount of melanin, which causes the skin to tan. Ginseng root is the perfect natural ingredient for skin whitening, and anything that boosts collagen production is good for the skin.

  • Masks & Peels – Whether a mask sheet (called แผ่น มาร์ค หน้า in Thai )or a face peel, there are naturally based products that deep clean the skin, helping with skin rejuvenation, and again, collagen is something you would expect to find in such products.

  • Natural Shampoos – We all use shampoo, and the best kind is one that only uses natural ingredients like orange, lemon and some forms of tea. There are shampoos for all types of hair, which leave your hair smooth and manageable, with a fresh fruity smell.

  • Hair Conditioners – Of course, there are many types of hair conditioner, and the best way to find one that works for you is simply trial and error. Fruit essences and extracts are what to look for in this department, as they contain essential vitamins that your hair loses during the course of a typical day.

  • Anti-Wrinkle Products – We all wish to remove those ugly wrinkles that come with ageing, and there are some great natural products on the market. Gogi berries from China stimulate the process of generating new skin cells, plus many other Asian fruits that are used to create effective anti-wrinkle creams and lotions.

If you are interested in moving into the health & beauty industry with your very own product line, there are OEM cosmetic manufacturers who have a wide range of tried and tested products that can be used with your own packaging and branding. This type of company can be located with an online search, and a visit to their factory will provide all the information you need to set up your own product line.