4 Reasons to Exercise on Hardwood Floors

Are you a fitness class enthusiast? Or maybe you have a home gym. If so, then you need to read this for the sake of your health.

As we age, we tend to be cautious on the surfaces we exercise on. And yes, the youth too need to read this piece. But why?

Most young people think they’re invincible. Therefore, they won’t have any challenges exercising on concrete floorings whether indoors or outdoors. Don’t make this mistake.

Hardwood gym flooring has more of a springy feel that absorbs some of the force. And yes, there are safer than rubber or carpet floors for some exercises.

Here are the main reasons why you should exercise on hardwood gym floors.

  1. Uniform Surface

When exercising, athletes are advised to use a flat or even surface. Undertaking any workout on an uneven surface is tough on your body.

As an athlete, your muscles must acclimate themselves to the slight irregularities in your regimen. Doing so may result in stress and fatigue on certain joints.

Having hardwood flooring provides a flat and uniform surface that’s easier for your body.

  1. Ease of Maintenance

The practicality of caring for hardwood flooring makes it an ideal choice for sporting venues, recreational centers, and gymnasiums. The floor is more resistant to dirt, and liquid spills making it easier to wipe or brush it away. This gives you the gym owners peace of mind when it comes to cleaning after a long day. Even after intensive workouts, clean-up is easier as compared to carpets and other types of flooring.

  1. Strong and Durable

Strength and durability are the main selling points of wooden gym flooring. Yes, the floor is susceptible to scratches and dents, but they’re not easy to do so. And if taken good care of, hardwood flooring can last for a lifetime.

Further, as a natural product, wood is capable of holding warmth better than other floorings. As such, they’re more comfortable exercising during the cold seasons. And yes, the flooring is tough and capable of withstanding heavy footfall in both domestic and commercial gyms.

  1. Necessary Shock Absorption

Having the proper shock absorption reduces the risk of injuries. If the injuries do occur, it reduces their severity.

And yes, hardwood floorings provide an efficient shock absorption rate that’s not available to other surfaces like concrete or asphalt. Therefore, the hardwood flooring encourages a better distribution of pressure to the floor which results in less or zero impact on your bones, joints, and ligaments.


The floor is the most utilized but most unappreciated part of the gym. Many gym-goers don’t think twice about the flooring in the arena. They simply walk in comfortably, happy that the flooring gives them a stable surface with good traction for their exercise regimen. Don’t make this mistake. Remember, the type of gym flooring impacts your performance as an athlete. Good flooring like hardwood prevents accidental slips, falls and is also easy to clean.