The Ultimate Road Motorcyclist’s Checklist

If you are planning on buying a road motorcycle and taking to two wheels, you certainly wouldn’t be alone in your quest for freedom on the roads. Indeed, motorcycling has become more popular in Australia over the past 5 years, and once you have experienced being out on the open road with a powerful bike underneath you, there’s no going back, or so they say. A side from the obvious motorcycle, here is a checklist of essential items you need to have prior to heading off on your new motorcycle.

  1. Protective Gear – Your crash helmet should be of the full-face variety, and buy a good quality helmet, as this could save your life one day. A full-face helmet with a drop-down visor will ensure that you have good vision, even at high speeds, plus it will protect you against insect collisions, which could blind a person. Gloves are essential, even in the summer, as they will protect your hands in the event of an accident, plus wearing sturdy boots or shoes with good tread and ankle support will help protect your feet. The other thing you will need in a rain suit, a top and bottom that can easily be slipped over your existing garments to keep you dry.
  2. Reflective Vest – If you wear a reflective vest, other road users will always see you, and although your lights are always on, the vest reflects light at night, making you very visible. If you have yet to buy your bike, check out the road Yamaha motorcycles in Sydney from the established dealer who has a range of new and used road bikes of all sizes.

  1. The Right Backpack – Ideal for carrying anything, the best form is one that has a solid and hard frame, which will protect the contents of the pack should you come off the bike. These have many pockets, ideal for your smartphone, small items of clothing and a water bottle, which is handy if you are riding in remote areas. Always carry a small but powerful LED torch, as you never know when you might need it.

  1. Tools & Repair – Obviously, the bike comes with a standard tool kit, which would be located under the seat, plus you should have a can of puncture spray foam that will allow you to ride 2025km with a flat tyre, plus a tyre puncture repair kit, for good measure. Chain lubricant is another handy thing to have, plus a tyre gauge to accurately check tyre pressures.

  1. Essential Documents – You will be able to find a place under the seat, where you can put your ownership document, insurance policy and driving licence, and these should be put in a watertight zip-lock bag for protection. Should you ever get pulled over by the police, they will want to see your ownership document, licence and insurance policy.

Wearing the right clothing is vital, and in the hot summer, resist the temptation to ride around in shorts and a T-shirt as coming off the bike without the right protection can be very painful indeed.