The Market Maker Broker: What You Need to Know

What is a market maker broker? A market maker broker, also known as an MMB, is the person or company that holds the stock in reserve for traders to trade through. They are responsible for ensuring that there are enough shares available at all times so traders can buy and sell without having to wait. An MMB’s goal is to create liquidity in order to increase the trading volume on their exchange.

The downside of being a market maker is that you will be paying commissions when trades take place; this money goes directly into your account with no additional fees incurred by either party involved in the transaction. It has been estimated that 50% of equity orders pass through one (or more) market maker, and as the number of brokers grows, this proportion is likely to increase.

What are some benefits?

Market makers provide liquidity for traders by having a reserve of shares that can be sold at any time on demand. Since they have an inventory of stocks in their account, they make it easier for traders to purchase or market at a moment’s notification without incurring heavy commissions costs – which means that more trades can take place with less cost incurred from both parties involved.

The downside to being a market maker broker is that you will incur commission fees when orders go through your platform; however, there is no fee taken out by either party in the transaction so you still come ahead if all else remains equal (i.e., date, time, pricing).

How do you become a market maker broker?

To be qualified as an MMB, traders must have at least two million dollars in their account and sign up with the appropriate brokerage firm; however, some firms will require higher balances. You then decide how much of your balance to post as margin so that other brokers can trade through your platform.

This is what separates this type of trading from being a trader or investor- if someone buys shares and sells them back at a later date for profit, they are not considered an MMB because it’s just short-term speculation. However, if there is no intention to sell those same shares quickly (i.e., within ten days), then the individual qualifies to be considered an MMB.

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