How you can Store Pictures Without Needing Cloud or iCloud Storage

At occasions, you’ve got a huge assortment of pictures in your device that you simply have a tendency to store around the cloud. However, with recent developments it’s already proven the pictures stored on cloud or perhaps your iCloud can also be unsafe. A scandal of celebrity pictures being leaked and hacked is all around the media. For iOS users, it’s a big concern as because of limited data storage ability they have a tendency to depend upon cloud service. However, there’s still a strategy to go cloud-free for iOS, in addition to Android users. Continue reading to learn how you could do.

All-in-One Solution

Rather of exclusively counting on online database or iCloud for the pictures an application named Lyve Home will the trick. This application can help you manage your pictures across all of the devices while managing all of the available space for storage. Despite the fact that, this application isn’t perfect however the one factor that you’d appreciate relating to this application is the opportunity to integrate storage and manage things effectively. This application can cost you $299.

How do you use it?

Google, Facebook, Flickr and Dropbox all store your pictures online unlike this application. This application even surpasses cloud storage. Whatever you pictures will get copied to some central device yet still time which makes it on all of your devices. You’ll be able to see any picture while using application since it routes images or any other files in one device to a different. This is the way every picture stored will get readily available to every device of a person.

It unquestionably gives users an option to talk about their pictures around the cloud or enables the application to handle everything on their behalf without any difficulty.

Initial Installation and also the Process

On installing Lyve Home, it starts collecting copies of the pictures which are present across all of your devices and desktop. This application provides you with 2TB capacity that allows this functionality. An expert index is produced that stores all of the date around the server of the organization. It’s stored by means of unique codes which are allotted to each picture rather of actual pictures. It is just like cataloging of your pictures that can take some time based upon the amount of pictures you have.

Whenever you launch the application, it ‘talks’ to the bigger database stored around the server and fetches you what you’re requesting.


Despite the very best intentions of designing Lyve Home application there’s something that may upset you about this:

• The slow procedure for contacting the server and slow fetching of images

• It requires some time when organizing your pictures within the initial stage of putting in this application

• This application can be obtained for works together with Android and Apple devices together with Mac along with other laptops

• It’s an costly method of managing and organizing your apps

• Not for individuals who’ve couple of devices

It’s advised that if you’re interested in organizing your pictures apart from cloud you will want other implies that require the aid of a tech expert who’ll show you through.